How Xenos Successfully Embraced E-commerce

How do you ensure that as a successful retail chain, your online store also feels like a real bargain paradise? Together with Xenos, we created an online shopping experience that seamlessly guides the customer from inspiration to the shopping cart.

The request from Xenos

Since 1973, the retail formula Xenos has grown into an organization with 150 stores and a significant online presence. When Xenos approached Happy Horizon, there were still significant steps to be taken in the e-commerce strategy. Customer experience, flexibility, and seamless integration of online and offline were central to this.

“How do we ensure that the webshop feels like a bargain paradise where you’re constantly surprised by fun, delicious, and always affordably priced products?”

Our approach

Together with Xenos, we set several goals:

  • Shopping at Xenos should feel like a seamless experience, whether you’re shopping online or offline. With an omnichannel approach and UX web design, we ensure that the offline and online experiences complement each other. This includes up-to-date information about the (online) store inventory, delivery times, and webshop kiosks in the store.
  • Smart cross-sell and upsell opportunities. To achieve this, we developed ‘Shop the Style’. If you see a style in an image that appeals to you, you can shop that complete look in just a few clicks. Additionally, we developed the Kiosk, allowing customers access to the full online range, which they can conveniently pay for at the checkout in-store. This enables store staff to sell products that are not (or no longer) available in the store.
  • Xenos’ commitment to sustainability should be visible online. Therefore, we structured the e-commerce platform in a way that allows customers to filter and sort all products on by sustainability.
  • Ensuring flexibility in the rapidly changing retail market. To achieve this, we implemented page builder functionality. This allows the Xenos team to add new pages or modify existing ones using content blocks. Additionally, the e-commerce platform is headless. This means that we can adapt and add functionalities and capabilities now and in the future. Want to learn more about headless webshops? Check out our blog on headless commerce.


The result is a solid e-commerce platform that offers both customers and Xenos itself a lot of convenience, opportunities, and flexibility. Now and in the future. And this has not gone unnoticed. Xenos was the audience award winner in the Shopping Awards 2022-2023, category ‘Home Accessories’, and won Mollie E-commerce Manager of the Year 2023.

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