Quality Wellness Resorts

Invest Online has been our permanent online marketing partner for SEO, SEA, social and conversion optimisation for the past 6 years. In each of these areas, Invest Online has contributed to ‘Quality Wellness Resorts’ having grown from one to four wellness resorts. All of these additions are perfectly aligned with our mission for the whole of Holland to unwind at one of our wellness resorts. A day that revolves entirely around our guests. And our goal is for them to leave a little bit differently to how they arrived. The way we achieve this is by constantly surprising, treating, and by putting ‘experience’ first and foremost. The challenge for Invest Online is to carry this offline experience through to online. And they’ve succeeded!
The fresh and enthusiastic team is quick to act and learns by doing. What’s more, we aren’t left hanging with vague strategy plans, but are all busy doing and achieving! It’s a mentality that really resonates with us. Even when we need some extra help with big projects, IO is always there for us. That’s what makes Invest Online an agency we can rely on and entrust with the future.